Our Packages

Here at Fotek, our pre-school photographers in Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra have a package to suit every family! We offer an authentic pre-school photography experience, which shines through in our beautiful range of bespoke photography packages. It’s easier than ever for parents to customise their favourite pre-school memories.

Find out more about the bespoke packages offered by our professional pre-school photographers below.


The Fotek Deluxe Package is for parents
who want that little bit extra. Consisting
of 8 pages, this package also includes
a “Personalised Poem Page” and
“All About Me” page.


The Original Package by Fotek
is a beautiful 6-page album.


The Graduation Package by Fotek
is designed for little ones who are 
graduating from pre-school!
This package consists of 3 memorable
pages with 2 different poses,
personalised certificate page,
group photo with names and handy
wallet photos.


At Fotek, we can also take care of all
your sports photography needs.
With our specialised sister company
What A Shot Sports Photography,
our various Sport Packages include
individual portraits, team pics and
muck up shot options!


Fotek are proud to offer beautiful
Family Photos as an extension of
the Original and Deluxe Packages.
Parents just have to express their
interest, pay in advance and turn up
on Photo Day for a memorable family photo!