Who are Fotek?

Fotek are renowned as being the original pre-school photographers, having been established back in 1974. For more than 40 years now, Fotek has been producing original high quality pre-school photography in Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Illawarra.

Along with comprehensive photographic training, our pre-school photographers are taught the most modern techniques associated with achieving the best results for pre-school aged children. Naturally beautiful photographic results only make up part of our objective with our ultimate goal being for children to have a truly fun experience and actually enjoy their photo session! This shines through in the wonderful results we achieve!

Fotek School Portraits always strive to achieve naturally expressive, beautifully presented photos that are head and shoulders ahead of the rest. Further to this, we ensure a modern approach and presentation of photography packages for pre-schools, altering our album theme every year to give it a new refreshing look.

Ultimately, our kindergarten photographers in Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra know photo day should be an exciting experience. Combining our professional approach, highly trained photographers and superior customer service we are devoted to creating memorable photo days for pre-school aged children.

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Why Fotek?

What makes us different from other pre-school photographers in Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra.

Fotek is dedicated to capturing beautiful moments of children whilst encapsulating the sprit of the individual pre-school itself. We take the time to provide an authentic pre-school photography experience by visually incorporating the pre-schools surrounds and activities to ensure parents take home memorable pre-school moments.

Our pre-school photographers throughout Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra also believe parents should be able to preview photos of their children. Our “view before you buy” system allows parents to view the high quality of each photo before they purchase, allowing them to choose a bespoke photography package from their pre-school in Sydney, Central Coast and Illawarra.

Security of the children’s images is very important to us, which is why we do not keep your centre’s images online for parents to view.

Approval System – “View Before You Buy”

The most popular of our payment systems! Parents get to view the hardcopies of the photos and then decide what they want to buy. 

Pre-paid System – is also available.