14 Dec 2020

Celebrate Your Child's Graduation With Photography For Preschools In Sydney From Fotek

Graduating from school is never an achievement that should be ignored. Whether it’s a doctorate or just preschool, you should always utilise a professional photographer to help you celebrate your child’s achievement. Fortunately, when you need graduation photography for preschools in Sydney, you can depend on Fotek.

Our team of childcare photographers in Sydney love performing graduation photography. We provide you with everything you need to mark the occasion as part of our low price of $35, including all scroll, gown, and cap hire. You’ll get an adorable 3-page album that is filled with photos of your child, including a personalised certificate page, a labelled class photo, two bookmarks, and eight wallet portraits. Thanks to the included equipment hire, you won’t have to worry about rushing around on photo day collecting and returning a gown and cap – we can provide it to you directly on the day. If you’re looking to make a memory of your child’s graduation from preschool, then Fotek’s kindergarten photographers in Sydney can help.

It’s always a big deal when your child graduates from any level of school, including childcare. As such, Fotek and our preschool photographers in Sydney offer incredible graduation photography for daycares in Sydney. To speak with our team about how we can help you with all kindergarten photography in Sydney, contact us here.