04 May 2022

The True Art of Kindergarten Photography in Sydney

Delivering photographs that capture the essence of a child’s personality is no coincidence. It takes years of experience working in kindergarten photography to understand the skill behind capturing children in their most natural element. While most children are told to say “cheese!” when they see a camera, kindergarten photographers in Sydney have all the tips and tricks to capture genuine emotions, instead of forced photos.

Here are just some of the ways that kindergarten photographers in Sydney work with your children to make photo day feel magic.

Build Rapport

Settling into their day at kindy, there is no bigger mistake than thrusting a child straight in front of a camera. Photo day isn’t about the schedule of the preschool photographer, it is about creating treasured preschool memories for families to look back on for years to come. Taking the time to allow little ones to settle into the photography space is important. Let them touch props, move things around and ask questions about the experience before you start snapping away.

Capture Their Personality

Educators at the childcare centre will know the children very well. The more an educator can tell the photographer about a child the more they will understand about capturing their personality. For example, if a child is naturally shy, asking them to do something that the extroverted children have done for their photo won’t work. Each child is an individual and their photos should express this. Shy, giggly, cheeky, or born entertainers, allow the children enough time to show you who they truly are.

Get Creative

While the standard preschool portrait has long sufficed, photography for daycare in Sydney has changed over time. If you want to explore the ways in which your students enjoy their time at preschool, why not offer them the opportunity to get involved? For example, if a student enjoys riding the trikes, playing soccer outside, or painting at an easel, use these items as props. Let the photo tell more of a story – one that is unique to each child’s preschool experience.

Flexible Packages

Making sure the students enjoy the day is important. But what about the families of the students? What do they want to see in terms of photography packages? To answer to the various wants and needs of families in terms of formats, budgets and number of photos, photography packages have evolved over the years. Catering to large orders, digital only, and extra special items such a keyrings and mugs, flexible photo packages make it easy for preschools to keep families happy without the pressure of committing to a large pre-formulated photo package.

For over four decades, Fotek has provided outstanding kindergarten photography services to Sydney childcare centers. Modern processes and flexible options mean Fotek is able to capture genuine smiles for all families. If you are thinking about changing your photography provider in 2022, consider the talented professionals at Fotek. To learn more Fotek please visit their website: https://www.fotek.com.au/