02 May 2022

Childcare Photographers Share Their Tips & Tricks for Capturing Little Smiles

Capturing precious preschool moments is a skill learned from working with children for many years. As preschool photographers get to know the environment and experience of working with little ones, they pick up tips and tricks along that way that make photo day a breeze. Here are some of them.

Experiment with your set up

Experimenting with your set up within the centre grounds on photo day is critical. Where possible a site visit prior to photo day will allow photographers to get familiar with the environment, natural lighting (if shooting outdoors), potential photo opportunities within the centre and more. It can also be an opportunity for the photography team to introduce themselves to staff and children at the centre to go over what to expect on photo day. The more prepared you are for photo day, the smoother the day will run.

Make the Child Feel Comfortable

Avoid brining children into the photo area prematurely. All testing should be carried out prior to ensure the children are not left waiting – this sometimes lets the initial moments of excitement slip away.

Be prepared for all sorts of emotions. Some children will be familiar with the camera and get great enjoyment out of the process. In the case of a camera-shy child, it’s important to be gentle with your approach to photo day. Preparation from parents and teaching staff will support the child in feeling comfortable with the new faces in the centre. As they are out of their normal routine it is important to make the process fun – not stressful and rushed. This can cause panic in children and will ultimately not lead to happy genuine smiles.

Be Flexible

With children anything can happen. Being flexible is critical for photographers and centre staff on photo day.

Likewise, it is important to be prepared for changes in the weather. If you are hoping to capture your photos outside in natural light, a wet weather option is a must. As most childcare photographers in Sydney will have tight schedules, rescheduling due to bad weather may not be possible. Having an indoor back-up option ready to go is vital to avoid delays and disappointment.

To allow for fast changes of location, a photography set-up should be easily relocated, packed-up and repositioned. Being prepared and being flexible are two traits to always look for when seeking exceptional kindergarten photography in Sydney.

Childcare photographers from Fotek offer their services to childcare centres and preschools across Sydney. With decades of experience, Fotek's staff ensure children feel comfortable and confident in natural smiles and timeless portraits. Check out some of our recent work with local childcare centres on the Fotek website: https://www.fotek.com.au/gallery

We are looking forward to providing your families with treasured portraits in a variety of styles as part of our work with your centre.