19 Nov 2021

How To DIY Professional Looking Family Portraits

Much like how Fotek enjoys taking your family portraits, we also understand that you may love capturing those moments too. As a photography company specialising in preschool, kindergarten, and childcare photography, we know this can be difficult especially with your little ones. So, here are a few things our preschool photographers have come up with to help you:

Use a tripod
Tripods work wonders as they can help you capture a stable family portrait and help with framing the picture before taking it. Having a piece of equipment that will hold your camera or phone also means there is no need to ask strangers to take the photo for you. You simply just set it up, adjust it to your preferred height and let it be while you join your family photo. One major advantage of having a tripod is also that you can take as many family photos as you want! So save yourself the hassle of asking someone and feeling guilty for making them retake the photo.

Put a timer on
Stop rushing! Take your time, do things at your own pace and prepare yourself for the perfect photo. Timers are also brilliant when you are trying to incorporate the surrounding environment in your photo.

Take as many photos as you please
Family photos can be hard because there are so many people that are being captured and usually, not everyone is happy with the first shot. It doesn’t hurt to take as many photos as you can; the more photos taken, the better the chances of finding the perfect photo for the family.  Try different angles, poses and formations, if there’s one that you are not particularly fond of, there are other photos to go through.

“Is it better to use the front or back camera of my phone?”
This is a good question. If you’re taking a self-timed family portrait, your first choice may be to use the front camera and we don’t blame you. The front camera allows you to see the photo so you can adjust yourself before the timer goes off. But the truth is, front cameras usually have lower resolution than the back camera. Maybe you can experiment with this, next time you take a photo, put it on a timer and take a photo using both cameras to see which one produces a better quality photo.

Family portraits are special

It can be quite stressful trying to take a family portrait and not being able to see how your photo is turning out or the photos you have been taking are not what you expected. Save the stress of preparing for the day, taking the photos on the day, and making sure the photos are good. Just show up on the day and be yourself, let a professional photographer like Fotek take care of the rest. To speak with our team about how we can help you, contact us through our website https://www.fotek.com.au/