17 Nov 2021

How To Take Professional Photos Of Your Children

If you want a professional photo of your child without having an experienced photographer then how can it be professional? Just because you have a camera doesn’t necessarily mean a professional photo can be taken. Hear from our photographers who are highly skilled in childcare, kindergarten, and preschool photography at Fotek.

Where should I go?
You will find that the path of capturing a professional photo traces way back to your planning process which includes the location. The location sets the tone of the photoshoot much like how the ambience of a restaurant can make you feel a certain way. It also helps you consider other variables that may affect the day. For example, if the location is outdoors and you find yourself needing to rely on the natural lighting of the sun, the time of the photoshoot will be important. Natural scenery like lakes or rivers is popular amongst photographers when it comes to choosing a location. One word of advice from our photographers, do not opt for a location that may take away from the actual photo of your child.

Portrait mode
Portrait mode is a simple way to take professional-looking photos of your children so when you’re in doubt, turn on portrait mode. For the parents who prefer taking photos that will place heavy emphasis on their kids, portrait mode is for you as it will focus on your child by blurring out the surrounding environment. If you’re a beginner and feel overwhelmed, don’t stress. Portrait modes can guide you on the steps to take a professional photo like, for example, the distance you need to stand to make your child the main subject.

Natural lighting
Natural lighting offers a wide variety of shots at the lowest cost and is super accessible thanks to our natural source of light: the Sun. Try taking a photo around noon then one when the sun sets, you’ll notice that over one day, different emotions can be evoked. There’s just something beautiful about taking photos with natural lighting that makes things look better.

Keep your phone or camera accessible
The main assumption of professional photos is that it’s a portrait of your child which is 100% untrue. Yes, portraits are a type of professionally styled photo but candid pictures can also be professional. With professional candids, you never know when a good photo opportunity of your child may come so keep your phones and cameras accessible and within reach. Capturing the child in the moment of laughter and pure innocence is a special thing, don’t miss it just because you didn’t have your device.

All too much?

Remembering and following these rules can be challenging, so why not hire a professional photographer to capture these moments? If you are looking for photographers who are based in Sydney to take professional photos of your child, Fotek is the answer. Fotek is skilled in preschool, kindergarten, and even childcare photography. To speak with our team about how we can help you, contact us through our website https://www.fotek.com.au/