15 Nov 2021

Ways To Be Stress Free When Taking Photos Of Your Children

Being the cameraperson for your little ones can be quite stressful. There will be times where you feel like your child isn’t understanding what you’re asking of them, you are way behind schedule and things just don’t go the way you planned them to be. To tell you “don’t stress” can be a bit silly, so the only thing we can do is to suggest a few solutions for you. As the best preschool photographer in Sydney, Fotek is highly skilled in children's photography. Here are Fotek’s tips and tricks to help you be less stressed when taking photos of your children:

Hype them up
There are several ways you can hype your child up for a photo shoot. For starters, having scenery like a lake is great as it turns on their adventurous mode. I mean, even as adults, we get excited to go out and explore different places, and with kids, it'll be no different. A change in scenery from the home will keep them busy and brighten up their mood. If you are not the cameraperson and have scheduled a photoshoot for your child, informing them about the photoshoot and briefly explaining what happens in a photo shoot will help get them excited for the day.

Play a game
Who doesn’t like playing games? Playing a game will bring out the happy and lively side of your kids. It’s also the perfect way to take a candid and bring out a non-forceful smile from your child. Parents who are looking to capture a fun shot, this tip is for you! Games such as Simon Says and Peek-a-Boo are some favourites as they are easy to play and will make it hard for the kids to wipe the smile off their faces. If you are capturing a group of kids, a game of Ring Around the Rosie should do the trick!

Let them be in control
Don’t brush over this tip! As hard or foolish as this point may be, it is something that is strongly suggested by many professional children photographers. We’re not advising you to let your kid have a complete reign of the day, but more so let them be themselves. Often, fixing their head tilts or pose may make them unhappy which can be reflected in the photos. Children like to feel in charge, so why not start as simple as letting them pick their outfits for the day? If you have a particular colour scheme, have those coloured clothes laid out and let them pick the rest. This will get them excited and make your life a bit easier.

The classic “say cheese”
There is a reason why this tip doesn’t seem to phase you. Saying “cheese” moments before taking a photo is a universal way for photographers to get their clients, especially kids, to smile. The word brings out a natural and flattering smile from the kids. It’s worked for a long time but feel free to experiment with other words!

Finding the right photographer
We know taking photos of your children can be hard and stressful on your end and sometimes, you might wish you were also in these photos so our simple solution for you is to hire a photographer. But of course, not all photographers are the same but that’s the beauty of it, you can get a wide variety of photo styles. However, if you are looking for children photographers who are based in Sydney, Fotek is the answer. Fotek is skilled in preschool, kindergarten, and even childcare photography. To speak with our team about how we can help you, contact us through our website https://www.fotek.com.au/