12 Nov 2021

Need A Preschool Photographer For Your Child's Garduation? Fotek Is Your Answer

Your child going to preschool can be pretty momentous as it is their first time seeing, meeting, learning, and conversing with so many kids their age. This stage is so important in their lives as they are exposed to so many new and different things which helps them shape their first perspectives on life. So why not pin this period in your child’s life and capture it? As the best preschool photographers in Sydney, Fotek prides itself in offering photography that will be long-lasting and impactful for you and your family. Being the original preschool photographers, we have great experience in creating a comfortable and fun environment which we believe will be reflected in the photos we take. There is a reason why we are the leaders in this market and we would love the opportunity to show you and help you frame this special period of your child’s life.

Fotek’s Graduation Package

Fotek recognises the many changes your child may go through with just one year in preschool. That is why we offer five preschool photography packages so that each package focuses on different stages in their preschool life. Every parent fantasises about the day their child wears a cap with the tassels, walks across the stage, and receives their graduation certification. So much like entering preschool is a special moment, graduating preschool is too as it opens the next big chapter in your child’s life: school. Graduating, regardless if it is in preschool or university, brings about a sense of accomplishment and joy just being able to finish a milestone. It is important and that’s why Fotek has a separate photography package for graduation. Even to this day, our graduation bundle has been Fotek’s best seller because we can show you emotions in our picture to make sure that what you keep forever, is perfect.

Your child’s success is also your success!

At Fotek, we know that your child’s graduation is also a big accomplishment for you. It means you did a great parenting job, having to wake up each morning, get your kids ready for school and pack them lunch. So really, you have every right to want to share this celebratory day with your loved ones everywhere you go. Not only do we offer your child a graduation certificate, but our package also includes a group photo, bookmarks, and wallet portraits of your child. So whether you want to frame it, stick it up in the fridge, or pop it in your wallet, Fotek can do it for you!

Sure, you can take your own photos at your child’s graduation but if you’re too busy doing so, how will you live the moment in real-time? Don’t live the moment through a camera lens but rather, through your eyes. Let Fotek do the camera bit so that you can relive the moment again in the future. To speak with our team about how we can help you with all preschool photography, contact us https://www.fotek.com.au/