10 Nov 2021

Preparing Your Kids For Photo Day In Kindergarten

School photos can be quite daunting because you have to sit and look into the lens of a camera long enough to feel almost as though you are staring straight into someone's soul. You’ve been through it, right? Now put yourself in your child’s shoes and you may have awakened all your senses. But lucky for you, Fotek’s kindergarten photographers have some tips and tricks up their sleeves.

What are you trying to capture in the kindergarten photo?

To keep it simple, the purpose of a kindergarten photo is exactly what you are assuming - to capture your child in the kindergarten stage. These photos, like other photos, are supposed to tell a story at that exact moment or period in their life; so really, a kindergarten photo is to depict your child, in kindergarten. This may seem a bit too broad for you but it’s true. Kids grow up so quickly that it is ideal to capture how the kid is during kindergarten and compare it to their Year 1 photos. Trust us, you would be able to see how different your child is within one year. So savour the moment, do not overthink your child’s photo day because truth be told, the more stressed you are, your child will pick up on it and overthink it too.

Deciding on outfits the night before

It is important that you control what you can and prepare for that rather than thinking about other things that are not in your power and stressing about that. Save yourself the stress of running around in the morning while trying to keep your child in a good mood for photo day and pick their outfit the night before. Having this ironed out will give you peace of mind knowing the clothes are there and ready for tomorrow.

Let your kids know about photo day

Curiosity is what killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Talk to your child about their photo day, what is expected of them, and run them through the process without getting them too overwhelmed on the day. Allowing them to know about the day can excite them which puts them in a good mood on the day which is most definitely the ideal situation for any school photos.

Do not overdress them

When picking out your child’s outfit, avoid any clothing or colours that may take away from their face. Knowing what kind of photo is taken is a good idea so you can see if their outfit plays a major role in the photo or not. Generally, kindergarten photography is from the neckline up which means wearing a puffy jacket that zips up to their face is not recommended. Another rule from almost all photographers is for parents to make sure their child’s hair is brushed away from their face rather than towards - remember, we are trying to capture your child at that moment. If your child’s hair is in their face, there is not much to look at when you go back to these photos in the future.

Leave it to the professionals

At the end of the day, photographers know what they are doing and have experience in children photography. If you are a kindergarten school or even a parent who is looking for photographers to capture their little one, Fotek is highly experienced in kindergarten photography and is based in Sydney. To speak with our team about how we can help you with all kindergarten photography, contact us through our website https://www.fotek.com.au/