08 Nov 2021

"How Do I Capture The Perfect Photo?" Hear From The Best Preschool Photographers In Sydney

The word “beauty” can be very ambiguous because the way you perceive things will be different from how someone else sees them. But with just one snapshot, many stories can be told. Just like in the movies, directors use different angles to portray different character dynamics, and you can do this too. Here are tips for capturing the best photos of your children from the best preschool photographers in Sydney.

The more angles the merrier

Children tend to move around a lot, so why not take the opportunity to take photos of them? Capturing the same or similar shots with different angles allows you to see the moment in several perspectives when you go back and view the photos. This helps increase the chances of finding “the perfect photo”. Angles are quite dependent on how you envision the photo or what story you want to tell others when they see the photo. For example, a bird's eye view shot is less commonly used by preschool photographers because the photo will appear foreshortened. When taking preschool photos, photographers are often at the child’s eye level as it can capture a more intimate relationship between the photographer and the child. That being said, a bird's eye view shot can be suited if you are trying to establish the environment the child is in. This is because this type of shot allows for a larger full shot which makes capturing the landscape possible. For parents who are looking to take a photo that focuses on the moment rather than a strong emphasis on the child, a bird's eye view shot should do the trick. A full-body shot would capture similar things to what a bird's eye view can do; however, different emotions will be evoked. A full-body shot depicts a more accurate image of the child, enabling the kid’s body language, physique and emotions to be seen.

A candid capture

The best thing about kids is that they are super free-spirited and do whatever they want which makes not taking a candid photo seem like a missed window of opportunity. At such a young age, you would want your kids to be able to look at these photos later and get a snippet of how they were when they were young and how fast they’ve changed. Candid photos are a really good way to capture authenticity as they can show how the child felt at the time.

Natural light

Natural lighting brings about many advantages. First and foremost, it is highly suggested by photographers for parents as it is quick, easy, and less costly than artificial lighting. Rather than setting up lights to capture your kid’s smile, do it in the moment because it will bring out a more genuine image. Secondly, kids can find studio lighting a bit intimidating which makes them uncomfortable when taking photos and generally, will lead to an unsatisfactory result.

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