23 Dec 2020

Our Deluxe Option For Photography For Preschools In Sydney Is Unrivalled

If you want to go all-in on marking your child's childcare journey, then you need an excellent photography package for preschools in Sydney that ticks all of the boxes. It needs to include a dizzying array of photos, while still managing to convey your child's personality. Fortunately, such a package exists, thanks to the best kindergarten photographers in Sydney, Fotek.

The deluxe option for our photography for daycares in Sydney is an excellent choice for any parent  seeking the very best for their children. At a staggeringly-low $65, this incredible package delivers astounding value with 17 photos crammed into an eight-page album. You'll get a broad range of portraits in vary sizes and colour, a labelled class photo, and two special pages: a poem page, and an 'All About Me' page, both of which allow your child to immortalise their character. These albums come in a 'hot-air balloon' theme, though your childcare centre may opt for the more subtle 'child's handprints' theme instead. When you need the best kindergarten photography in Sydney, you can depend on Fotek and our outstanding team. To speak with our team about how we can help you with all preschool photography in Sydney, contact us here.