09 Dec 2020

A Stellar Deluxe Package Is Always Available From Our Childcare Photographers In Sydney

Kindergarten photography in Sydney is a complex art that should be respected appropriately. As a result, you’ll want to consider nothing but the best for your child, and Fotek can deliver that with our deluxe photography package for preschools in Sydney.

The deluxe package from Fotek’s team of childcare photographers in Sydney is carefully designed to provide you with the maximum value at the minimum cost. For only $65, you’ll receive 17 outstanding photos of your child, including a range of portraits in varying sizes and colours, a labelled class photo, a poem page, and an ‘All About Me’ page. This 8-page album comes in a ‘hot-air balloon’ theme, though your childcare centre may opt for the more subtle ‘child’s handprints’ theme instead. For all childcare photography in Sydney, including an incredible deluxe package that both every parent and child will love, you can’t look past Fotek.

With the right deluxe package for your photography for preschools in Sydney, parents will actively look forward to an opportunity to mark their child’s journey through childcare. Fortunately, Fotek has just the deluxe package available through our preschool photographers in Sydney. To speak with our team about how we can help you with all kindergarten photography in Sydney, contact us here.