04 Dec 2020

Modular Photography For Preschools In Sydney Helps Keep Parents Happy

Childcare centres understand that no two children are exactly the same, and there is flexibility and modularity built into their services and programs to account for these differences. Fotek’s team of childcare photographers in Sydney also understand that just because they’re older doesn’t mean that parents are going to think alike either, and so we’ve developed a modular solution for photography for preschools in Sydney that can help keep any parent satisfied.

Our ‘View Before You Buy’ system for photography for daycare in Sydney ensures every parent gets exactly what they want from our services. Instead of forcing parents to purchase complete photography packages for preschool in Sydney without first viewing the results of our work, we give them the option to purchase individual pages after seeing the included photos instead. While these pages sell for as little as $5 each, over the course of 46 years, we’ve found that an average of 85% of parents can’t resist buying the full package once they’ve seen our work.

As a result of Fotek’s modular photography, our preschool photographers in Sydney are better able to ensure that any parent is satisfied with our work. To speak with our team about how we can help you with all childcare photography in Sydney, contact us here.