Can you explain your overall process from photography to purchase?

Here at Fotek, our approval system is what makes us unique from other photography companies. It is a “View Before You Buy” system where parents can view photos before they make their final purchase decision. Statistics show that over 90% of parents purchased photos when the centre uses this system.

Next, choose a package. Fotek offers 2 types of packages – the Original package and the Deluxe package.

Then, book a date with us. Prior to photo day, we will send a “Fotek Info Pack” to the pre-school with useful information to ensure a smooth process on photo day.

On photo day, our professionally trained photographers will win the children’s hearts and capture their warm smiles.

After photo day, Fotek will hand deliver all of the children’s photo albums which include payment envelopes, so parents can view before they buy. Parents simply fill out the envelope and put the corresponding amount of money in and bring it back to the pre-school.

A Fotek representative will come and collect the payment envelopes each week until all payments and unwanted photos are returned.

It’s that simple!

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